Is Your Website CCPA Ready?

  Admiral can help you get compliant today.  

This new regulation will affect how digital publishers interact with their visitors residing in California, and will require websites to offer visitors the right to opt-out of sale of personal information. California visitors are able to direct a business to "Do Not Sell" their personal info.

As part of our one-tag solution, Admiral offers publishers the quickest and easiest CCPA "Do Not Sell" Privacy Consent module on the market, designed to offer publishers:

  • Detection: ID site visitors coming from CA IPs
  • Provide those visitors a user interface to opt out of data sales 
  • Admiral’s UI/API access is compatible with IAB’s framework for communicating "Do Not Sell" choices to downstream vendors

For more information on how to enable Admiral’s CCPA "Do Not Sell" Privacy Consent module, contact us and a product specialist will reach out to get you started.

Admiral does not offer legal guidance or compliance in regard to CCPA. As with all legal matters we always recommend that you consult with and follow the direction of your legal counsel.